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  • Matias Cortés Rivas
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GMP Partner and Land Development Lawyer

Matias Cortes Rivas
A career economist and lawyer specializing in Land Development and Urban Law, Matias Cortés Rivas has focused his entire career of more than 21 years dedicated to the development of land in Spain and Mexico. Founder and CEO of Group 31 Real Estate in Spain from 1997- 2004, Rivas moved his firm to Mexico and made various investments in real estate across the country.
In 2011, Rivas was appointed to the advisory board of Violy & Co., an investment bank in New York. Matías Cortés negotiated in numerous transactions with this bank which brought upon his alliance with GMP Group and INALTO in 2013. Together with GMP founder, Gabriel Maldonado Pumarejo, they have made numerous developments including Tabasco Diamante, Novalta Medical, and Aramara Los Cabos.