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How to find Out the Architectural Style Your House

Posted by: Gabriel Maldonado Pumarejo
07 Sep
If you are looking to purchase a new home or sell one in Mexico, it is essential to identify the architectural styles you prefer so you can tell your realtor or developer. From Mexican Baroque and Spanish Colonial to modern and minimalistic, there are many styles and builds that have evolved over the centuries.
To properly identify the style of your home, start by examining the key features and distinct characteristics that stand out. Take a look at your house and notice if there are high ceilings, a porch, the size, the color, the materials - stucco walls or terra cotta, all of which can give key insights into your home's style.
Traditional or classic Mexican hacienda's and ranch-style homes are typically painted in vibrant colors. They are often larger properties and estates with high wood-beamed ceilings, tiled interiors, and cobbled courtyards that allow for well-vented airflow to keep floors and rooms cooler. This style is heavily influenced by Mediterranean and Moorish characteristics that may include towers, arches, and mosaic tile. Haciendas are usually decorated with ornate architectural features and artwork which signify wealth and culture.
Stemming from the 17th-century Roman Renaissance, Mexican Baroque architecture is characterized by the dynamism and theatricality of its details. Typically found in churches, Baroque homes often have architectural facades that are covered in countless reliefs or moldings of angels, saints, and decorative elements.
Inspired by the 18th-century Spanish church, mission-style homes or Spanish Colonial, are easy to spot as they have telltale markings of bell towers, dormers, stone or concrete walls, red tile roofs, and arched ceilings and walkways. They often feature elaborate interior designs using bright colors like reds, blues, and yellows, as well as have a rectangular appearance.
Modern Architecture typically was developed throughout the twentieth century and uses materials such as steel, glass, and reinforced concrete. Usually incorporating minimalistic form and clean lines, contemporary Mexican architecture is known for its functional, livable design that features a warm facade of wood, stone, and glass.
Another architectural type found in Mexico is Gothic. With the use of large rosettes and glass windows, pointed arches, and rampant design elements, Gothic style is mixed with Mexican and Spanish influences. Usually found in cathedrals and large estates, Gothic design represents old Mexico from its beginning days as a colony.
A design trend that became popular from 1920 to 1939, Art Deco is a style of the decorative arts characterized by the use of forms geometric shapes, bright colors, and the use of luxurious materials such as the marble, granite, or aluminum.
Once you identify what characteristics are found in your home, it's relatively easy to determine the architectural type. GMP Group builds a mix of styles, from modern design to Mexican haciendas. If you are looking to build your new home, our experienced developers can help identify the style of your choice. Our team of passionate people and collaborators are experts in real estate development, investment, and construction throughout Mexico. From contemporary beach villas to high-rise condos on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, GMP knows how to build greatness.