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How to Invest Your Money in Mexico

Posted by: Gabriel Maldonado Pumarejo
20 Jul
How to Invest Your Money in Mexico
Investing in real estate means buying properties to earn income and generating income, either on your own or with the help of CompaÑíAs of Inversión Real Estate. Many investors have MáS of a property, and its earnings include the rent paid by tenants and the equity they build to TravéS de la ValoracióN. It must be clarified that an investor of property RaíCES has Different views for your investment propertiesón that for your main residence.
In Mexico The Challenge is great. Only 32% of adults has educationóN Financial, while in PAíCountries like Sweden and Norway, 71% of adults know and apply Concepts to manage and save your money well, secúN A Study of the George Washington University School.
You have to know CUáL is your investment profileóN, that is, whether you are adverse or not at risk. This refers toí You can assume the behavior VoláYour investments or you're MáS Conservative and not ESTás willing to run too many risks.
To define it, consider these three variables: risk tolerance, the use that giveás to the instrument and the time it isás willing to place your investmentóN.
"You must be clear if you need these resources at hand because you plan to compromise or if you have the availability to let it work in a longer period", comments in interview Eduardo Yglesias of commercial manager of the firm BursáFor GBM funds.
A GRANDEs traits, there are two major investment markets: the fixed-income, composed of government and business debt, an instrument with a conservative approach y Therefore, your profit margin is's Fixed by a fee.
The variable income COmprende to the actions of companies and their derivatives bursáTiles. The benefit Scheme can be unlimited, but your risk is that you lose even everything you invested.
Therefore, it is very important that you decide whether your resources will beáN to work in the Long or short term and if being's Fixed or variable income.
"That to define's CuáThey are the instruments that best fit that goal of time you have to invest your money", says Georgina Ruiz, deputy Director of fund strategy for InvestmentóN for MuLtiva.
La rentabilidad bruta del alquiler de vivienda alcanzó un 7,29% a finales del pasado año 2017 en España. De este modo, una inversión destinada al arrendamiento en el mercado residencial se confirma como una opción atractiva tanto para grandes como para pequeños inversores.