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Top 5 Mexico Vacation Destinations

Posted by: Gabriel Maldonado Pumarejo
07 Sep
Top 5 Mexico Vacation Destinations
From beautiful beach destinations with a vibrant nightlife to bustling metropolises with a rich cultural scene, the best Mexican destinations are a quick trip away. Depending on what you're looking to do while on vacation, here are some tips of the best spots below the border.
Located in the Baja peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is the place to go for a fun party, gorgeous beaches, and stellar golf courses. Where the desert meets the sea, and the sun shines 350 days a year, Cabo is perfect for a girl's trip, bachelor party, or a romantic getaway in Mexico. With celebrity spottings and a burgeoning dining scene, Cabo San Lucas offers the quintessential beach vacation.
For those looking for a more relaxed, no-frills Mexican vacation, La Pesca, or "the fishing" town, is ideally situated on the Gulf of Mexico in the state of Tamaulipas. Expect to find serious fishers, small shops, and people in flip-flops 24 hours a day. This small, simplistic town is perfect for quick beach getaways on the sand or in the water and some of the freshest seafood in Mexico.
Best known for the cruise ship port, Cozumel attracts thousands of visitors each year. WIth powdery beaches, turquoise water filled with gorgeous coral reefs, and tons of shopping from souvenirs to high-end brands, Cozumel is also a perfect place to explore Mayan culture or just relax on the beach with a margarita in hand.
Locally known as just Playa, this popular beach town in the Yucatán Peninsula is growing vastly in population and tourism. Packed with lively bars, trendy restaurants and cafés, and all-inclusive resorts, Playa del Carmen offers a wide variety of fun morning 'til night.
Nestled along a less populated stretch of the Riviera Maya, Tulum is home to the world's only waterfront Mayan ruins perfect for water sports enthusiasts and history buffs alike. With small town charm and big city culture, Tulum is ideal for day trips and short excursions from larger, more populated regions.
Whether you are looking for a party scene or to enjoy the beach lifestyle on the sand, Mexico is filled with fantastic vacation destinations. GMP Group has residential and tourism properties in the best locations throughout Mexico. With new construction built annually, look out for our properties in seven of the Mexican Republic states including La Pesca and Cabo San Lucas.